hen you’d think maybe our government  control the internet. But that isn’t true either at most the government can remove 2-3 Face book post  

but they can be bypassed easily and this does not amount to over control the internet worldwide then maybe you could think that companies like Google.

Because they have the largest Amount of data but that isn’t true either because you can build a website of your own and these companies would not be able to interfere in it.

I’d like to tell you about who control the internet. Because the internet is an important tool in maintaining freedom and democracy worldwide

countries like China keep their citizens blocked off completely from certain websites.

Some websites like Google, YouTube, and Face book are permanently blocked there because the cheese government wants to brainwash its citizens in a particular way.

If you want to build your own website then you will have to buy your domain name there are some websites that sell domain names as their job.

For example GoDaddy.com. you need to go on GoDaddy. Com if you wish to buy a domain name for your website for example,

There is another authority above it, the name of this authority is ICANN. Internet Corporation for assigned names and numbers ICANN.