Almost every big country has its own stock exchange there are two popular India Stock market, one is the Bombay stock exchange which has around 5400 registered companie

 and the other is the National stock exchange that has 1700 registered companies. With so many countries registered in the stock exchange, if we want to observe

Sensex shows the average trends of the top thirty companies of the Bombay stock exchange averaging out, whether the shares of the companies are moving up or down.

The full form of sensex, the sensitivity index, displays the same, the number of sensex, that it has reached 40,000 mark

The number it means not a lot, the value of this number can be understood only upon comparison with the past numbers.

Because  this number has been randomly decided. They decided at the start that the values of the shares of the thirty companies would be thi

so we compile all the numbers and then say that it is 500. So gradually the seven has been rising and it has reached the 40,000 mark in the past 50 year

There is another similar index nifty National + fifty. Nifty shows the price fluctuations of the shares of top 50 companies listed on the National stock exchange.

If a company wants to sell its shares on the stock exchange, then this is termed as ‘public listing’ if a company is selling shares for the first time