Bit coin actually is what its history? Merely 12 years ago on 31st October 2008 a person named Satoshi Nakamoto published a paper on the internet

Satoshi main motive was clearly evident from the first line of the paper a version of electronic cash that would allow payments to be sent directly from one party to another party without financial

What is crypt o currency? Crypt o currency is a digital asset over which Central banks or financial institutions have no control or regulation

The Indian rupee is controlled by the RBI. But there is no Central Bank or any main financial institution that controls the Bit coin crypt o currency

back then crypt o currency was merely an idea in the mind of that person. But now there is trading worth million and Crores in its crypt o exchange.

Just like shares are traded on the normal stock markets in order to understand the paper of Satoshi and the context of crypt o currency

Our financial systems are based on trust, the currency notes and coins have value in our society because they are guaranteed by the government and the Central Bank.

Take a look at any note in your wallet. For example a 200 hundred rupee notes. It reads I promise to pay the bearer a sum of 200 hundred rupees.

There is one public account in digital form of all the Bit coin transactions this is called a ‘ledger’ a copy of this ledger exist on all the systems that are a part of the Bit coin network.