As one of the world’s most successful actors it is not news to anyone  that Robert Downey jr has already amassed a huge net worth.  

The Robert received for each production grew as his films became more  and more successful and his characters became more and more relevant in  the movies. 

To get a sense of his income it is estimated that playing billionaire  tony stark in the Marvel franchise alone. He received for example five  hundred thousand dollars ($ 500,000) for iron man 1

Ten million dollars ($ 10,000,000) for iron man 2. Fifteen million dollars ($ 15,000,000) for Spider-Man homecoming.

Forty million dollars ($ 40,000,000) for captain America civil war. Fifty million dollars ($ 50,000,000) for the average.

Seventy five million dollars ($ 75,000,000) for iron man 3. And also seventy five million dollars ($ 75,000,000) for Avengers end game.

And it is because of these stratospheric earning that he became none other than the highest paid actor in Hollywood.  

A rain that lasted from 2013 to 2015 and although he is not as rich as the billionaire character, he plays in the movies. 

Robert Downey is not that far removed from tony stark to get an idea.  Some sources estimate the actor’s net worth to be in the range of 300  million dollars not bad at all, is it?.