How did the USA become s superpower? This chat shows the history of the last 2000 years. The contribution of each country to the global GDP.

You’d see that before the 1800, India and China were the two The Most Powerful Country in the World.

Most of the trade and economic activities revolved around India and China. But after the 1900s, in the last 100 years only, the USA Started gaining dominance.

And established such a large share in the global GDP.USA GDP is the best GDP in the other country in the world

We need to delve into history to understand it. In the year 1492, the Italian explorer, Christopher Columbus, discovered some Caribbean islands near North America

After this the European got to know of America. And the colonization of America started. Britain established its first colony in America around the 1600

France started colonized to. Initially these were the three main powers. Britain, France and Spain. They colonized North America. On july, 4,1776.

The American revolutionaries declared their independence from the bruisers. And thus America became a new country. Here the United States of America was born.

Lets jump to post 1850. America graph started rising only after 1850. In 1867, the Alaskan territory was bought by America from Russia.