Now the whole world will look at us with respect. million and Crore of people will visit the statue and it will promote the tourism industry.

This will increase the number of jobs. And what tribute we have given to sadder Patel by making his world’s tallest statue of unity.


The entire cost of this whole project is  around 3000 billion rupees.

Where the approximate cost of only the statue itself is estimated to rupees 1350 Crore

In comparison to this the tallest statue of unity in the world so far was The Statue of liberty

Now this has become the second tallest statue and the entire cost of this project was 55 million million dollar

And just the statue coasted 18 million dollars.

Just compare that the world second tallest statue was built in 18 million dollars and world’s tallest statue coasted 180 million dollar

And if you compare the height then statue of unity stands tall at 182m whereas the height of spring temple