Being considered one of the best tennis players in the world. It is a  fact that Rafael Nadal has already amassed a gigantic net worth during  his career. 

Since turning pro in 2001 for example it is estimated that he has made  more than 120 million dollars ($ 120,000,000) by winning tournaments and  championships as a tennis player. 

While that’s a lot of money to most people it doesn’t represent the  biggest source of his income that’s because rafael Nadal makes more  money off the tennis courts than actually inside them. 

According to some sources most of the athlete’s net worth comes thanks to sponsorship from various companies.  

His partnership with luxury jeweler Richard mill for example has spawned  a super exclusive inspired watch limited to 50 pieces worldwide with an  estimated price tag of more than one million dollars ($ 100,000). Which  Nadal is likely to earn a commission on each sale. 

However his partnership with Nike is probably his most relevant  sponsorship. Nadal has a contract of more than a decade with the  sporting goods brand, having recently signed an extension to the deal. 

And according to some sources the value of the deal is speculated to be around 10 million dollars ($ 10,000,000)range. 

However adding up all of Rafael Nadal’s income sources during the year  2020 Forbes magazine estimated that the athlete made about 40 million  dollars and even though no one knows exactly how much of a  fortune the athlete has amassed throughout his career. 

Some sources estimate that currently at the peak of his 35 years of age.  Rafael Nadal has already put together a net worth that exceeds the 220  million dollars ($ 220,000,000) mark. A figure that is likely to  continue growing year after year.