Rafael Nadal seems to really enjoy driving good cars especially from Kia a brand that sponsors him on his Instagram.  

he has already posted several pictures advertising the Kia stinger gt. A  beautiful sedan with a sporty design valued at approximately fifty  thousand dollars ($ 50,000). 

He also once owned a Mercedes-Benz slk 200, a vintage Mercedes  convertible that can be bought for around two hundred thousand dollars  ($ 2000,000). 

Nadal has also been doing a lot of advertising for the Kia v6 gt line. A  beautiful SUV with a modern and futuristic design, Being fully electric  and maybe that’s why its price can reach around sixty thousand dollars  ($ 60,000). 

Upping the price he has already taken a picture with a Mercedes-Benz  gts. A beautiful car with a  sporty design made for those who like  speed.  

Being equipped with a v8 engine the car can accelerate from zero to  sixty miles per hour in just 3.8 seconds. Managing to reach a top speed  of 193 miles per hour and it’s no wonder that its price is around $  150,000. 

Even more expensive Rafael once owned a Ferrari for 58 Italia. A  beautiful car capable of drawing a lot of attention wherever it passes.  Being a great Ferrari icon and to own this incredible car may need to  fork out around two hundred and fifty thousand dollars ($ 250,000). 

However the most expensive car Rafael Nadal has ever been spotted in was his Aston Martin dbs.  

A car so luxurious that it even appears in the new movie of the double  07 (007). Franchise to get a sense of how powerful and fast the  athlete’s little toy is. It is capable of accelerating from zero to  sixty miles per hour in just 3.4 seconds  

with its top speed limited to 211 miles per hour and to own this  supercar it is estimated that the midfielder had to pay the affordable  price of three hundred thousand dollars ($ 300,000).