‘the communist barrier between east and west Berlin grows and gets stronger, the more determined scores of people cross east to east Germany.

Along the door these privateers and forced to evacuate their homes as the communist police move to prevent their escape.

Let’s  begin our story from world war 2. Like you already know world war 2 was fought between the axis countries and the allied countries

The axles countries were East Germany Italy and Japan. And allied countries included the USA, France, the UK, and soviet union.

There was a war between the two groups. And axis countries lost the war. Germany lost the war 2. Hitler committed suicide.

After Germany lost the war, after Hitler death, the allied countries decided to take Germany under their control.

East Germany was given to the soviet union. And west Germany was divided into three different parts. One of each went to the USA, the UK and France.

Later these three parts were reunited. And they became west Germany. And the parts belonging to the soviet union was east Germany.

This divided was not only political and geographical but also as ideological divided, soviet union was inspired by the communist ideology.