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Titanic Was Real Story

This is the incident of 10th april, 1912 RMS Titanic world’s largest and most luxurious ship in its time it set out its first voyage, it was traveling from Southampton, England to new York all kinds of people were aboard- renowned industrialists and actors as well as immigrants.

 Who were on their way to America in search of a better life it was being commanded by the 62 year old senior captain Edward john Smith.

Titanic Was Real Story

There was a lot of excitement regarding this ship in the passengers, public and the media it was not only the world’s  largest ship around 269 meters in length and more than 53 meters high. The luxury on this ship was awe inspiring!

RMS Titanic Fact

In those times, it cost 7.5 million dollars to build the ship which if you take inflation into account is equal to 400 million dollars today, the facilities and decorations inside the ship could even leave a 5 start hotel behind stained glass mirrors ornate wood paneling, two grand staircase heated swimming pool.

 A Turkish bath, an electric bath, electric bath a gym, a squash court, 4 restaurant, 2 barber shops and a library as well.

It was a ship that could never sink it was that safe, white star line was the name of the company that built this ship; the vice president of this company was so confident regarding that he had come out in front of the public and said that this ship is unsinkable.

Where is the wreck of the Titanic?

The wreck of the Titanic—which was discovered on September 1, 1985—is located at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, some 13,000 feet (4,000 meters) underwater. It is approximately 400 nautical miles (740 km) from Newfoundland, Canada.

Why is Titanic so famous?

At the time, it was one of the largest and most opulent ships in the world. It was also considered unsinkable, due to a series of compartment doors that could be closed if the bow was breached.

 However, four days into its maiden voyage in 1912, the Titanic struck an iceberg, and less than three hours later it sank. RMS Titanic Was Real Story.

Why Titanic is not taken out?

Bringing the wreckage of the ship is very far away and anyway, the ship was so big and heavy that it is almost impossible to get the debris out of the depth of about four kilometers. It is also told that the debris of the Titanic will not last for long inside the sea, because it is rapidly melting.

Titanic Was Real Story

RMS Titanic Was Real Story and record

RMS Titanic was a British passenger liner, operated by the White Star Line, which sank in the North Atlantic Ocean on 15 April 1912 after striking an …

Maiden voyage: 10 April 1912; 110 years ago

Length: 882 ft 9 in (269.1 m)

Port of registry: Liverpool, UK‎

Route: Southampton to New York City

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