The Most Powerful Country in the World | United State of America

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Which country is the biggest superpower?

You can’t answer this question easily then think which country’s economy is the largest?

Which country GDP is more than $20 trillion?

How did the USA become s superpower?

This chat shows the history of the last 2000 years. The contribution of each country to the global GDP. You’d see that before the 1800, India and China were the two The Most Powerful Country in the World.

The statue of Liberty, Landmarks of New York City with Manhattan skyscraper background

Most of the trade and economic activities revolved around India and China. But after the 1900s, in the last 100 years only, the USA Started gaining dominance. And established such a large share in the global GDP.USA GDP is the best GDP in the world

How did it become possible?

We need to delve into history to understand it. In the year 1492, the Italian explorer, Christopher Columbus, discovered some Caribbean islands near North America. After this the European got to know of America. And the colonization of America started.

Britain established its first colony in America around the 1600s. France started colonized to. Initially these were the three main powers. Britain, France and Spain. They colonized North America. On july, 4,1776.

 The American revolutionaries declared their independence from the bruisers. And thus America became a new country. Here the United States of America was born.

Lets jump to post 1850. America graph started rising only after 1850.

In 1867, the Alaskan territory was bought by America from Russia. At the price of $7.2 million. There also the state of Hawaii. Today you’d think that the territory is so far from the USA.

How can it be a part of the USA?

In 1898, the USA overthrew the kingdom of Hawaii and occupied its territory. Theoretically the USA was not a colonizer. Like Britain, France, and Spain. But it sure behaved like them. If seen from the perspective of some places.

The areas of Puerto recon. Guam and the Philippines. Were also annexed by the USA in 1898. By the USA president William McKinley. The USA paid $20 million to Spain. But today the Philippines is an independent country. Because in 1946, the Philippines got its independent from the USA. All that money wasted.

By the 1900s the USA had become a large country. Numerous territories were a part of the USA. And obviously the bigger the country, the bigger is the economy and the GDP. So USA the most powerful country in the world.

The real magic happened between 1900 and 1950.

The Most Powerful Country in the World

 There were two world wars. France, Germany, the UK, Spain and Italy. They were all fighting among themselves in the two world wars. And the USA was sitting  on the sidelines. Even through the USA had participated in the world wars. It supplied weapons to these countries.

The wars weren’t on the USA territory numerous American soldiers died in the world wars but economically the USA wasn’t adversely affected. In fact the USA was the only country to have profited from the world wars.

The Most Powerful Country in the World

 They sold so many weapons to Germany, France other European countries, that they made a net profit. And the countries like the UK, Germany and France. Were totally devastated.

After this organization like the international minatory fund and the United Nations were established. Wherein America played a very important role.

 GATT was one such Endeavour. It was founded in 1947 by 23 countries. These countries decided in order to boost their economic growth.

After 1950, America and the soviet union emerged as the two main superpowers. And here began the cold war. The war between the USA and soviet union is known as the cold war. This was an ideological war. Between communism and capitalism. America had to spend a lot of money on its military.

 And that’s why America’s military power is the best in the world In 1949 America formed the NATO alliance with the European countries. To stop the influence of the Soviet Union. This NATO alliance still exists.

 Because of this America had always been cooperative with the West European countries. Because their own economies destroyed. America the most powerful country in the world. Some of these presidents focused on military power. Like Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, George bush and Donald Trump.

 On the other, some presidents focused on forming peaceful alliances. And they weren’t too interested in the military. Like all gore, a vice president of the USA, Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Jimmy Carter and Barrack obama.

Woodrow Wilson

was the president of the USA who decided to keep America out first world war. And he interfered in 1917 only when. He formed the league of Nations. It was an international body like ne the United Nations established before the United Nations in an attempt to bring peace to the whole world.

After the 1990s when the Soviet union was disintegrated, there remained obviously only one the most powerful country in the world. That was a America.

How many such Indians verge became successful after going to America?

One such internal reason is that the American police’s always attracted talent. There are so many examples of this and these reasons are valid even today. Think about it, kalpna chawla, sunita Williams, satya nadela.

Albert Einstein a German becomes popular after going to America. Elon Musk a south African came to America and became so successful. America policies and it’s culture encourages talent.

What is the ground reality of a common American?

The homeownership rate in America was only 65.8% in 2020. More than 30% of Americans do not own houses. America is the most powerful country in the world  

The top 1% of the people own 42.5% of the country wealth.

 The healthcare system of America is very expensive and inadequate. The obesity levels have reached unthinkable highs in America.

Many students can’t afford their college tuition fees.

Where the Worlds happiest people live rank 2014-2016

1. Norway

2. Denmark

3. Iceland

4. Switzerland

5. Finland

USA military Inventory

The united states spends more money on defense and America biggest conventional military advantage is its fleet of 10 aircraft carriers. the united states also has by far the most aircraft of any country cutting edge technology like the navy’s new rail gun a large and well trained human force and that’s not even counting the world’s largest nuclear arsenal .America spends the most in the army, so it is the most powerful country in the world.

The Russian military intervention in eastern Ukraine.

the united states have one million four hundred thousand active personnel six thousands six hundred tanks. 13,247 aircraft. 68 submarines. that’s reason America is the most powerful country in the world.

What is America ranked in GDP?

GDP by Country.

                Country                         GDP

1              United States             $19.485 trillion

2              China                             $12.238 trillion

3              Japan                            $4.872 trillion

4              Germany                      $3.693 trillion

Top 10 the most powerful country in the world

1.   United States of America

2.   China

3.   Russia

4.   Germany

5.   United Kingdom

6.   Japan

7.   France

8.   South Korea

9.   Saudi Arabia

10. United Arab Emirates.

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