Terra luna explained | Terra luna full details.

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Terra is a stablecoin – a cryptocurrency that is intended to have a fixed value, typically $1. Stablecoins function similarly to a bank in the crypto ecosystem, providing a safe place to store money and greasing the wheels of commerce.

Terra luna founder known?

Terra luna  founder Do Kwon created the Luna Foundation Guard (LFG), a consortium whose job it was to protect the peg. The LFG had about $1.5 billion in bitcoin reserves: If UST dipped below $1, bitcoin reserves would be sold and UST bought with the proceeds

Two important sites with terra 1) terra usd 2) terra use . The one whose price should have been more than 1$ is less than 1 rupee today.

Terra Luna analytics

What is happening in this crisis?

In this crisis the usd value has become stable at $0.9, 0.7 and 0.3.

Why the crisis?

Sometimes the demand for something increases, then its value decreases. Similarly, when the value decreases, the demand increases. According to usd crypto, it has been learned that the personal communication demand of Terra Luna Crypto has fallen.

Terra ust suddenly got so much selling which is huge bed news. Luna’s job is to stabilize the price.

Terra luna  prize crash has shaken the entire crypto word terra usd which is a stabble coin and should remain 1 dollor crassed drastically and fell to its lowest at .30 dollar on may 11th.the once popular crypto has not lost over 99 per cent of its price value in the last 24 hr. why did terra price fall happen ? WHAT led to this crisis? What are algorithmic coins? What is solution to the terra price crash.

Join akram sherasiya technical writer at coin dcx to make better sense of terra developers.

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Terra Luna Crash

Is there still hope?

Some time ago one used to think about buying a Luna. Its price of Q was more than 119$. Today its price has fallen so much that in 1 $ one can buy millions of terra Luna. According to all the news right now, terra Luna has invested all the funds in bitcoin. As you know that bitcoin is considered to be the highest and safest currency in the crypto market and it has come to know that Luna has invested all her funds in bitcoin, so now we can keep hope that when the price of bitcoin When it grows, Luna will stand back on its own.

That’s why we can still keep our faith on Luna. And just now it has been learned from the official Twitter site of Luna that Luna will be delisting from all the applications and crypto market on 14th May. So we can deduce that Luna is thinking something or the other right now. Maybe you are preparing to enter the market again. Whenever we get some updates, we will keep you informed.

What will happen to the holders?

 luna  is a decentralized financial payment network that rebuilds the traditional payment stack on the blockchain

Terra official update on twitter

Very sad news for luna this becase they lost their bitcoins only recoverd for their clients and make them stabble coins. Its our responsibility to save him.

Public analysis say the cryptocrash isn’t a repeat of the 2018 winter yet. They explain why market conditions could still bring significant upside despite reverting institutional demand and shere tokens benefiting from terra collapse. 

Why luna suspend?

An exponential amount of new terra luna were minted due to flaws in the design of the terra protocol. Their validators have suspended their entire network. Resulting in no depositors or withdrawal possible to or from any exchange.

Tera Luna


Make new fork terra luna with 100 mil supply and give same amount coins people had above $5, but don’t give back to those that bought $LUNA UNDER THE PENNIES THAT WOULD DESTROY THE NETWORK COMPLETELY and they would dump $luna always when it gets up

“Luna was impacted because it’s the underlying [backer] of the UST. So every time a UST [token] is bought, a terra Luna [token] is burnt, which means there’s less tokens in supply, so the Luna price goes up

Can luna recover????

Will terra Luna recover? Of course the coin has potential to recover but it comes at a time of uncertainty in the market. There is currently a general downturn for cryptocurrency with many coins losing a quarter of their value as investors appear to be moving towards safer investments amid the current financial market

On Terra’s own blockchain, UST has a symbiotic relationship with its satellite asset luna, which can be used to earn cryptocurrency rewards. It was always possible to exchange UST for luna and vice versa, and the blockchain’s own code always made sure that terra traded at a dollar a unit, while luna’s varying price was determined by algorithms keeping an eye on the market.

Is it good to buy Luna now?

Is Terra Luna worth buying in 2022? The majority of analysts and investors are confident that LUNA is worth buying today because its prices will recover and create an entry opportunity at this level and an uptrend into the foreseeable future.

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