Robert Downey Jr.’s Lifestyle 2022 | Net Worth, Car Collection, Best Mansion ever

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Besides playing the role of the superhero Iron Man in the movies, Robert Downey Jr is a tycoon who knows how to make good use of his money. But have you ever stopped to wonder about just how this actor lives? In this article, you will discover the luxurious life of Robert Downey Jr.

Starting Career:

  • Born in 1965 in new York city. Robert Downey jr is considered one of Hollywood’s most successful actors.
  • Being the son of a filmmaker his professional career started very early at the age of five in the film pound directed by his father. Since then he has pursued his acting profession and continued working on various other projects.
  • During a period of his life Robert suffered greatly from chemical dependency and was arrested several times because of this problem.
  • His career really took off in 1992 where he played the main character in the biographical movie Chaplin for which he was nominated for a best actor Oscar and started to become more and more famous in the industry.
  • Although he has played several relevant characters nothing compares to his role as billionaire Tony stark within 10 films in the Marvel cinematic universe. Something that started in 2008 in the movie iron man i, have made Robert a celebrity known all over the world.
  • And it was because of his brilliant performances that he became one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood for a few years in a row. And it is because of all this that today Robert Downey jr can live an extremely luxurious life a fruit of all his work.

Car Collections:

Robert Downey Jr
  • Just like in his movies Robert Downey jr also likes to flaunt beautiful cars in real life. It is speculated that several vehicles have passed through the actor’s garage.
  • Such as a seventy thousand dollars ($ 70,000) Audi a7.
  • An eighty thousand dollars ($ 80,000) Porsche 993. 
  • A ninety thousand dollars ($ 90,000) Audi a8l. 
  • A one hundred thousand dollars ($ 100,000) Cadillac scarlet.
  • One hundred and ten thousand dollars ($ 110,000) Mercedes-Benz s-300.
  • A one hundred and thirteen thousand dollars ($ 113,000) Nissan gtr.
  • A one hundred and twenty thousand dollars ($ 120,000) ford mustang boss 302 from nineteen seventy.
  • A one hundred and thirty thousand dollars ($ 130,000) Mercedes -Benz g-class.
  • A one hundred and thirty five thousand dollars ($ 135,000) Audi etran gt.
  • A one hundred and forty thousand dollars ($ 140,000) Chevrolet Corvette from 1965.
  • A one hundred and fifty thousand dollars ($ 150,000) Bentley continental. A one hundred and fifty five thousand dollars ($ 155,000) Audi r8.
  • A one hundred and seventy thousand dollars ($ 170,000) Acura nsx concept 4.
  • A two hundred and ten thousand dollars ($ 210,000) Audi r8 convertible.
  • And even a Ferrari California that he posted a picture of on instagram. It is a beautiful sports car and capable of attracting a lot of attention wherever it goes. The vehicle is equipped with a v8 engine, capable of accelerating from zero to sixty miles per hour in just 3.6 seconds and reach a top speed of an impressive 200 miles per hour (200 mph). And it’s no wonder that in order to own these one may need to invest about two hundred and fifty thousand dollars ($ 250,000).

Main mansion:

  • Just like his character in the iron man in his personal life Robert Downey jr does not like to skimp out. When it comes to investing in good places to live with his family.
  • The actor’s main residence is in Malibu in the country of los Angeles an up market region known for its beaches and for also housing other celebrity homes.
  • Robert’s estate is situated on a gigantic plot of over seven acres, more than enough space for him to have everything he wants.
  • For example one of his mansions has a more futuristic architecture and the other has a more classic and ordinary style where it is believed he actually lives. The stripped-down building has a very exotic look with rounded shapes covered in concrete that even resemble a luxurious cave.
  • When the interior of the property it is possible to see that it manages to maintain the same authentic style with a decoration full of furniture that is hard to find in any residence such as the sofa with grey and pink knotted upholstery or the suspended nest made by South African designers.
  • For sure this residence really suits Robert Downey jr’s carefree and bold style. The outside area of the property on the other hand seems to be one of the actors favorite places because he seems to be the type of guy who loves nature always sharing moments on social media next to his pets.
  • What Robert has at home almost resembles a zoo, he raises animals such as goats, cows, pigs, chicken and others. There are also a number of items on the property such as a basketball and tennis court, a leisure area with a swimming pool and sun loungers.
  • An outdoor garage for his car collection, a vegetable and herb garden. A recreation area for the children among many other things.
  • We can surely say that Robert Downey jr’s mansion manages to offer an excellent quality of life for him and his family. And it is no wonder that in 2009 he needed to invest about 13 million four hundred thousand dollars ($ 13,400,000) in order to buy this amazing property.

Best Windmill house:

Robert Downey Jr Windmill house
  • When Robert Downey jr and his family want to spend the summer in a different location. They have none other than a house inside a stunning windmill, located in the town of East Hampton in new York.
  • The actor’s property is on a plot of land surrounded by green areas of approximately four acres with a sports court and a beautiful recreation area with a swimming pool at the time they purchased this estate Robert and his wife were looking for a quiet place surrounded by nature.
  • Which would be able to offer a lot of peace and privacy and this elegant property built at the end of the 19th century was able to offer everything the couple was looking for. During a story for architecture digest he and his wife decided to open the doors of their home and show a little of their intimacy to the public on the occasion.
  • They showed several rooms of the house, such as the living room which has a beautiful fireplace on the wall with an amazing blue and gold sculpture just about it. Sofas are on a level below the floor which help to create a very crazy environment.
  • There’s also another room with lighter colors and many window openings which provide excellent natural lighting. Knowing the actor’s house it was possible to notice that he and his wife are well connected to art proof of which is that there are several decorative objects in his residence and examples are the several colorful paintings on the walls.
  • His wife Susan downey for example showed one of the bathrooms in the house which has the entire stall wall covered with round colorful stones.
  • The couple’s bedroom has a clean looking environment with a white color palette and another decorated with furniture in brighter colors. Going up to the second floor of the mill this is where the actor’s office is which seemed to be the favorite spot for his cats. The kitchen was also shown and if there is a cozy corner table with pink armchair and to acquire this unusual property.
  • Robert Downey jr had to invest a good deal of money. As reported in the media the actor needed to invest in 2016 the small sum of ten million five hundred thousand dollars ($ 10,500,000).

Malibu mansion:

Malibu mansion
  • The real-life iron man decided to purchase another mansion in 2017 in the city of Malibu. A region he seems to like a lot thanks to footage shot by real estate agents. It is possible to see the residents of the actor.
  • The estate is known to have been built in 1972 and it has about 3,400 square feet divided into three bedrooms and three bathrooms with some of them featuring Jacuzzis.
  • The house has a more rustic decoration with several pieces of wood furniture. Such as the cabinets and the kitchen countertops. One of the most interesting points of the residence is the strategic view it has to the city something that is well evidenced by the large window openings in the rooms that make a good use of this positive point of the property.
  • Outside there is a beautiful gourmet area with a floor covered in stones. A barbecue area sofas around an open fireplace and even a miniature golf course.
  • And according to some sources Robert Downey jr has invested about three million eight hundred thousand dollars ($ 3,800,000) in this property. An amount much smaller than compared to his other mansions.

Luxury watches:

Robert Downey Jr watches
  • One of Robert Downey jr’s great passions is his watches and it’s no wonder that he has been spotted wearing several expensive pieces of jewelry.
  • Such as a forty thousand dollars ($ 40,000) jaegar look older duometer.
  • A ninety two thousand five hundred dollars ($ 92,500) jaeger lecoultra.
  • A one hundred thousand dollars ($ 100,000) to be filmed db 2018.
  • A one hundred and thirty thousand dollars ($ 130,000) ur-111c back cobra.
  • A one hundred forty thousand dollars ($ 140,000) patek Philippe 3712.
  • A one hundred and fifty thousand dollars ($ 150,000) or work you are 110.
  • A five hundred sixty thousand dollars ($ 560,000) double to billion 30 degrees technique and even a grubel 4c gmt terbillion.
  • A stunning watch equipped with many features that manages to always show a universal time regardless of time zone and to own this masterpiece of watch making one may need to disperse around seven  hundred thousand dollars ($ 700,000).

Great Businessman:

  • Besides having a huge salary as a Hollywood actor Robert Downey jr also has other major source of income. 
  • Due to the enormous success of the movies he has been in. He has become of celebrity that is known all over the world. On his Instagram alone for example he has already exceeded the 53 million followers mark a large number that demonstrates his popularity. And because of the good image he has with the public especially playing a charismatic billionaire hero.
  • Robert has created interest from major brands than sponsoring him. The Taiwanese Smartphone multinational htc. For example has invested about 12 million dollars ($ 12,000,000) in a global marketing campaign featuring the actor.
  • Another major company that has invested in Robert is Chinese cell phone manufacturer One Plus which although the value of the contract is not disclose. The amount is also likely to be in the tens of millions of dollars range.
  • However as an entrepreneur Robert seems to care a great deal about environmental causes which is why he founded the footprint coalition. A coalition of investors who invent in dozens of companies that help regenerate the planet.
  • We can say that just like his character in the movie iron man. Robert Downey jr is also a true businessman.

Robert Downey Jr Net worth 2022:

  • As one of the world’s most successful actors it is not news to anyone that Robert Downey jr has already amassed a huge net worth. The Robert received for each production grew as his films became more and more successful and his characters became more and more relevant in the movies.
  • To get a sense of his income it is estimated that playing billionaire tony stark in the Marvel franchise alone. He received for example five hundred thousand dollars ($ 500,000) for iron man i.
  • Ten million dollars ($ 10,000,000) for iron man 2.
  • Fifteen million dollars ($ 15,000,000) for Spider-Man homecoming.
  • Forty million dollars ($ 40,000,000) for captain America civil war.
  • Fifty million dollars ($ 50,000,000) for the average.
  • Seventy five million dollars ($ 75,000,000) for iron man 3.
  • And also seventy five million dollars ($ 75,000,000) for Avengers end game.
  • And it is because of these stratospheric earning that he became none other than the highest paid actor in Hollywood. A rain that lasted from 2013 to 2015 and although he is not as rich as the billionaire character, he plays in the movies.

Robert Downey is not that far removed from tony stark to get an idea. Some sources estimate the actor’s net worth to be in the range of 300 million dollars ($ 300,000,000) not bad at all, is it?.

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