Election Result 2022 Analysis  | why Kejriwal and Adityanath Won?

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Election result 2022 in india:Election were held in 5 states. Bharatiya Janata Party won  14 states. Aam Aadmi Party had one big victory. on the other hand the Congress lost in all states.

What were the reasons behind election result 2022?

Complex try to understand their into light blog.

Despite being the ruling government BJP what fair as increased. If Samajwadi Party wins? Our party will work with the people of Uttar Pradesh to fill the rexines in the army. Well is build in India where no one will go hungry. In India where the rich and poor children would get same problem and education.

Most  people who oppose BJP say that, religious polarisation was the number one reason for BJP win, thay claim that the leaders of BJP, used religion to play politician, showing themselves as the saviours of the religion,

And were declaring other parties as anti hindu. A large scale majority appeasement was carried out. In my opinion, there no double that BJP, used the Hindu Muslim play in these elections as well. Especially in Uttar Pradesh. Like this statement by adityanath.  That SP government didn’t provide electricity on Holi Diwali, but provide electricity on Eid and muharram. Statement that had no truth. The only purpose of these statement is to create a divided between Hindus and Muslims.

Another infomus statement was the 80 versus 20 remark. Through they tried to justify it later. There’s no doubt that they used these ploys. And some people are influenced by these. For example look at this.

Election result 2022

Isn’t the government giving jobs?

Question is?? If there no religious polarisation in this election, would bjp have lost these elections?? In my opinion no. They wouldn’t have lost. Because religious polarisation was not as big a factor as some people belive it to be. There were some other strong reasons behind BJP win.

What were the reasons in election result 2022?

Come lets list them out i told you if any party wants to win stare election nowadays, it is very important to have a face of a strong chief minister. Now in Uttar prades, BJP had Yogi adityanath as the face. And the opposition had Samajwadi party’s akhiles Yadav. What interesting is that this result of the UP election result 2022.

Was not that bad for the Samajwadi party’s. In fact if you look at the vote share,

SP got the all time highest vote share. SP standlone vote share touched 32%. In last 2017 election, it was at 22%.

This was a huge increase. And if you add SP allies vote with this, the vote share of SP+ was at 35%. BJP with its allies is only 7% ahead at 42%. This was a nail biting fight. But the thing is SP had much more potential.

They had the chance to cross the majority mark on their own. To defeat BJP. The problem was that the opposition face Akhilesh Yadav in election result 2022.

 Was not as active in the last 5 years. He became active and was all puped up for sure, but only 7-8 months before the election. His rallies attracted a large crowd, but only before the election. In the last 5 years, there were so many issues in Uttar Pradesh

 There were many protects and movement. But those movement were led by the public. Whether the farmers protect, the hathras case, or unemployment

Akhiles Yadav didn’t play a major role as the face of the opposition. In these protect the role of the opposition was actually played by the public. This was a chance he lost. Thought it’s true that had Akhiles Yadav Stood up as the face of these protects BJP would have claimed that he was using farming as a tool for politicians.

 But the opposition parties could have logically countered this by saying that if the people problems aren’t discussed in politics, what else is there to discuss?? Many time they didn’t have any answer, and many times the opposition parties were Absent from the ground.

 2nd problem was that the image of SP is quite associated with one particular caste. It said about SP that they gets mostly from the Yadav communities and Muslim communities. And there’s some truth to this as well, because if you look at the results from the exit poll,

Most of the vote share that SP got, was from there to communities.

The question here is that??

Did Akhilesh Yadav tried to reach out of the other caste. Did you try to break away from his image?

They did try to some extent, but this effort largely failed. It was very important to break away from this caste image. For SP to increase their vote share. Despite all these, as i told you, akhiles Yadav was quiet successfully. Their rallies saw large crowd, and the supporters were very pumped up.

With the rising petrol price inflation and unemployment, came forward to support  akhiles Yadav and vote for him. In the 2019 general elections, BJP got a 50% vote share in Uttar Pradesh. They lost 8% vote share in this elections. 8% people who had voted for BJP in 2019, voted for SP now.

 Obviously Central elections and state elections are different. That does make some difference. But still these statistic show that SP was gaining support. Just not so much that they could have won, the third reason here, were the other 2 parties BSF and Congress. Both these parties were almost invisible in this elections. Most people knew that nether BSF nor Congress had a real chance to win this election result 2022 in Uttar pradesh.

But it was akhiles Yadav job to appeal to the suppors of both parties that they be wasting their vote by voting for these two parties. And to convince them to vote for him. We didn’t see such clear cut messaging from him. Compare this to when arvind kejriwal Runs in the delhi elections. He mensions this in all his speeches. He tells people not waste their vote by voting for Congress.

When the fight in Uttar Pradesh turned ine on one, Yogi adityanath versus akhiles Yadav, it was very important to convince the people of the other groups. But still BSP got 13% of the votes in this election result 2022.

up election result 2022

Propaganda in election result 2022 ?

Behind BJP every win, the media should get some of the credit. And i can list out innumerable example for this. When the covid wave hit the country, and vaccines were given out they thanked Modi. There also there subtle propganda that not clearly evident. It we talk about uttae pares specially some of the example would be suppose Yogi adityanath made a weird claim that UP is the best state in the country. That uttar pradesh healthcare is better than kerala. Factually accourding to the data itll be a blatant lie. It’s quiet the opposite

But what would the media do?

They would run Yogi adityanath statment as the headline. They wouldn’t you the real fact there. They wouldn’t even counter it. They would simply say that Yogi aditynath said this.

How can they fight the media?

Friends the answer to this is win arvind kejriwal. Just before the 2015 delhi elections, they tried to set a narrative in a media that arvind kejriwal is a naxal, the same thing was said before the 2020 Delhi elections to that arwind Kejriwal is a terrorist

. These were not minor statments. If you check the news headlines of the time, about 5-6 days before the elections, these headlines were seen everywhere. Highlighting BJP politician calling arwind Kejriwal a terrorist.  The same thing was seen this time around before the  Punjab election result 2022. Some one came forward with the allegation that arwind Kejriwal is a khalistani. And then media ran with this trying to set a narrative.

Lets look at the final reason behind BJP with in Uttar Pradesh?

 The reason is that there is no better choice. No other alternative there were some people who accepted Bjp fault thay agreed that unemployment is an issue there inflation the price of petrol on the rise, but they still thought the Bjp is a better choice.

Overall these things depend upon the perception of the people

Talking about punjab election result 2022

 In Punjab the aam aadmi party won 92 seats, before this the all time record was set when akali dal won 92 seats 1997, there was a substantial increase in the vote share of AAP. They got 42% votes. And the other parties were almost wiped out. The major leaders of punjab till lost the election result 2022.

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