East Germany | Berlin Wall

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It is a story of how the German people took town this Berlin wall between them, and reunited their country into becoming one unified country. Come let’s find out in today’s explain Berlin wall.

‘the communist barrier between east and west Berlin grows and gets stronger, the more determined scores of people cross east to east Germany. Along the door these privateers and forced to evacuate their homes as the communist police move to prevent their escape.

East Germany
East Germany and West Germany

Let’s  begin our story from world war 2. Like you already know world war 2 was fought between the axis countries and the allied countries. The axles countries were East Germany Italy and Japan. And allied countries included the USA, France, the UK, and soviet union. There was a war between the two groups. And axis countries lost the war. Germany lost the war 2. Hitler committed suicide.

  After Germany lost the war, after Hitler death, the allied countries decided to take Germany under their control. By dividing into four parts. East Germany was given to the soviet union. And west Germany was divided into three different parts. One of each went to the USA, the UK and France.

 Later these three parts were reunited. And they became west Germany. And the parts belonging to the soviet union was east Germany.

This divided was not only political and geographical but also as ideological divided, soviet union was inspired by the communist ideology. And the allied countries America, Britain and France. Were inspired by capitalist ideology. Capitalist ideology dominated west Germany. And communist ideology dominated east Germany. It wasn’t that the Germans themselves were very influenced by these ideologies. It was not like the east Germans were communist and the west Germans were capitalists.

By the agreement among the allied countries. The Germans living these areas on either part would often meet each other. They would often cross the border to go from the west to the east and from the east to the west. Simply if they wanted to watch a cinema in the theatres or even if they had to shop.

Permanent migration also started happing, as in people were moving to from one countries to the other permanently. And these permanent migration could be seen from only one the sides. People from east Germany would go to the west and never the other way around.

Why was it so?

I talked about it quite a bit in the video on communism. The economies of the soviet union and the other communist countries were very centralized. Because of the Centralized  control. People would not doubt get free education and heal care which was good thing, there were very few jobs and the unemployment was very high. So because of lack of jobs, east German migrated into west Germans.

The situation was so bad that till 1961,20%  of the pollution of east Germany had migrated into west  Germany. Around 3.5 million people. So it was a troubling mater for the government of east Germany. What could they have done to stop this ‘ brain drain ‘ ?  they began to think of a solution. The situation in Berlin was strange. If you will see the map,

Berlin lies entirely in east Germany. But it was the capital. So in the post war agreement was decided that Berlin would also be divided into two parts. One of the parts would be east be east Berlin under the influence of the soviet union, and the other part would be west Berlin under the influence of the allies. So basically, Berlin like an island. Especially the part of west Berlin. The allies controlled area was surrounded by the soviet union controlled areas from all sides,

East Germany Leader:

 East Germany leader Walter Ulbricht, asked the soviet union about what should be done there. The sight of Vienna in the spring of 1961 is that of a historic city fully recovered from the ravages of world war 2. Now in the spring of 1961.
Vienna offered its hospitality for a personal meeting between two world leaders against a background of historic landmarks. When soviet union talked with the us president regarding this they asked for a entire west Berlin to be given to them. 

That America should recall its forces. And west Berlin as well as east Berlin become a part of east Germany. But obviously the usa refused to do it. It would have been an embarrassing situation for them

East Germany

So what else could have been done then?

Rumors’ of a wall to be built along the middle of burling started. A wall that would separate east Berlin and west Berlin. And Ulbricht was asked at a press conference if he intended to build such a wall, he claimed that they had no intention of building any walls. But like every politician, he too was a liar. And their manpower is being put to full use in these projects. Nobody has any intension of building a wall.

In the months of June and July, the famous world film festival took place in Berlin. Where filmmakers around the world come together. From India the great filmmaker satyajit ray had come to attend it. it was a moment of joy. But the government of east Germany had started to secretly build a wall. On 13th august the world suddenly came to know that they had built a wall like this to divide east berlin and west Berlin.

And because the area of west Germany was entirely in east Germany’s part,  the Berlin wall wasn’t limited to only one side. The wall surrounded west Berlin entirely. And there were checkpoints’ along the wall. Like this one.

East Berlin Check post

This was a famous checkpoint named Charlie checkpoint. In 1961, there was a major standoff here between the USA and the soviet union. The American tanks came from one side and the soviet union tanks came from the other. People thought that world war 2 begin. But fortunately, that didn’t happen. And they left peacefully. By the way friends, are you enjoying the graphics and read used in this blog?

 By the 1970s, the east German government had started running simulation on the wall. Such as is a person tries to climb over the wall in a particular way, or tries to use a particular instrument, or brings a ladder to climb over the wall,

East Germany | Berlin Wall

What would happen then?

the possible scenarios were predicted and then tried to be avoided. He was in danger from the fourth, fifth floor window. From any hatchway they could open, they flee. This woman drops into a net held by alerted firemen. And then as the tense crowd watches, she is followed by her husband. But first he throws out a few prized possessions.

When people were ready to jump from as high as the third floor, you can imagine how desperate they were they to cross the border. Not everyone survived jumping from such heights. There are several videos where people got heavily injured. But fortunately the people on the other side, the people of west Germany were helping them cross the border. They wanted to be reunited as well. 


Berlin wall

East Berlin, east Germany west Berlin, West Germany.

9 Novenber,1989 [32 years  ago]

Revolution of 1989

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